Advantages/Benefits of Auto Graphic Painter

  • Paints custom-art designs directly onto any surface
  • NO decal removal COSTS or DAMAGES
  • Lower cost and less time than air-brushing or decals (vinyl)
  • Graphics can be temporary or permanent
  • Works great for promotions, special events or new product introductions
  • Enviromentally Friendly


Difference between Stickers/Vinyl and Auto Graphic Painter


Auto Graphic Painter

Available in different types, brands and quality.

Only technology with the ability to print images directly onto virtually any surface

Limited size, will be joined on the surface.

Ability to print image as a whole without joints

Average self life between 2 - 3 years.

Will last 5 years +

Not Available

Short Term Painting - Image can be easily removed by wiping off with special solvent. No stain or damage to the original surface.

Pasted using glue with some ease of removal.

Direct application does not use any films or glue. Images are applied directly to the surface.

Good print quality

Outperforms any other options in Quality and Cost.

Application can have air bubbles on curved areas. Specially on vehicles.

Perfection Guaranteed!

Will not go in to every shape of the body.

It can get into any curved, deep and bump areas.

Limited Life Time

Long lasting, no scratch, no color fading due to UV, and water proof.

Use films for transparent images on glass.

Perfect transparent image directly painted on the glass surface

Unable to be applied on every surface.

It can apply any image directly onto virtually all surfaces